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I was suffering from severe neck pain from last 4 years. But I haven't find any suitable treatment that cures the problem effectively and permanently. One of my friend referred this old non-profit hospital with all modern facilities, well experienced doctors and excellent staff. Now all of my health problems are solved & leading happy life. I am thankful to team of doctors & staff.

Admission to JGCH Naturopathy Centre is granted on the basis of eligibility Criteria. Treatment involves certain restrictions, which may cause inconvenience or discomfort to some individuals. Please read the rules and regulations of our hospital mentioned below very carefully so that you are fully aware of these rules of the Centre.

  • To get admission kindly DOWNLOAD the admission form from our website, fill it carefully and legibly in all respects. Forward it to our naturopathy centre by enclosing a DD (Demand Draft) of 3 days charges as per the required accommodation. For any clarification call our reception.
  • The DD should be in the favour of "Shri J.G. Co-op Hospital Socity Ltd., Smt P.B.B Naturopathy and Yoga Centre" payable at Ghataprabha. You are requested to wait till the confirmation letter is received.
  • To know the availability status, please call our reception.
  • Outstation Cheques/Postal orders are not accepted.
  • The management reserves the right of admission and discharge.
  • All the admissions are subject to the approval of CMO of the institute.
  • Patients those donot follow the regimen and discipline of the institute are liable for dischage immediately without assigning any reason and 3 days charges are imposed extra than the number of days stayed.
  • No eatables from outside are allowed inside the campus. Smoking, Tea, Coffee, Alcohol, Soft drinks, Drugs, Pan, Pan masala, Zarda, Supari, Tobacco, Chewing Gutkha and non-vegetarian food are not permitted within the premises.
  • The duration of stay depends on the nature of illness. Doctors decide the duration of stay after thorough checking of patient. The range of stay varies from minimum of 3 days to maximum of 30 days. Patients are required to deposit at least 10 days charges as advance at the time of admission.
  • The charges collected are only for accommodation and routine treatments. Special treatments are payable separately as per the prescription of Doctors.
  • All the investigations such as blood tests, X-rays, E.C.G, Sonograhpy etc. Magneto therapy, are charged extra.
  • Admissions are made on working days between 9AM to 4 P.M. but not on Sundays and Public Holidays. Admission after 4 P.M. are provided accommodation and food but not treatment on that day.
  • Patients are requested to carry the confirmation letter and produce the same at the gate and reception.
  • All the confirmations are valid for three days from the date of admission, after 3 days, the admission will be cancelled and also the amount deposited will be forfeited.
  • The age limit for patients to get admission is 12 to 70 Yrs, and be able to walk on their own at least 1 Km.
  • To cancel the conformed reservation, a written request has to reach the office in advance of seven clear days either by Fax / e-mail. No Telephone calls are enter tainted. If not so, the deposited amount will be forfeited.
  • Management shall not be responsible for any losses and insists the patients not to carry the jewelry and valuables. The extra money can be deposited with the cashier and proper receipt is obtained for the same
  • The management reserves the right of checking the accommodation at any given time in order to maintain discipline of the institute and if found guilty, the concerned patients are discharged immediately and a fine of 3 days charges extra are imposed and are black listed.
  • Avoid telephone calls as far as possible to get maximum benefit of the treatment, and do not bring cell phones. Restrict the visitor to the extent possible and visiting hours are 1 P.M.to 2 P.M.and 6.30 P.M.to 7.30 P.M.
  • Patients are advised to carry all the previous medical records and medicines. Our Doctors shall advise whether to continue medicines or not as per the prevailing health status.
  • Extension of stay is subject to Doctors recommendation and the availability of accommodation.
  • All the patients have to switch off lights and get to bed by 10.P.M..
  • If patients want an early discharge on their own, are charged an extra amount of 3 days other than the days stayed.
  • Check out time is 24 hours.
  • The management reserves the right of referring the patients to other Hospital / specialist for treatment purpose in case emergency while the Patient is under going treatment here, at his/her own cost.
  • Paying tips to the staff is strictly prohibited; in case if any one is interested can put the same in Hundi kept at office.
  • All disputes are subjected to Ghataprabha Jurisdiction only.
  • NOTE:: The following patients are not admitted at our Naturopathy Centre.

    • Below 12 yrs of age and above 70 yrs age
    • Pregnancy & Lactation stage, all type of hernia.
    • Cancer, HIV/Aids and its complications.
    • Epilepsy, Parkinson’s diseases.
    • Tuberculosis and Leprosy.
    • Contagious skin diseases.
    • Sever forms of mania & depression patients.

    About Guest at the Institute.

    • No guest is permitted to stay on campus without getting the guest card from the office and requested to present the same on demand.
    • Guest are not allowed to bring eatables into the campus. If guests who Fail to follow the rules and regulations of the institute, are liable to be discharged along with the patients.


    • Toiletries
    • Under garments and Bath towels.
    • Canvas shoes for walking.
    • Tracksuit to walk and loose dress for Yoga.
    • Warm cloths during winter season.


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