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I was suffering from severe neck pain from last 4 years. But I haven't find any suitable treatment that cures the problem effectively and permanently. One of my friend referred this old non-profit hospital with all modern facilities, well experienced doctors and excellent staff. Now all of my health problems are solved & leading happy life. I am thankful to team of doctors & staff.

Sri J. G. Co-operative Hospital Society’s Smt Parwati Basavaraj Bhooplapur Naturopathy and Yoga centre under the holy blessings of Shri Shri Jagadguru Gurusidda Rajayogendra Mahaswamigalu of Moorusavira Math, Hubli always strives to popularise Indian traditional method of medicines. The nature cure method is purely natural, doesnot makes use of tablets, syrups, capsules etc which may do side effects. The treatment follows traditional method of considering body, mind and spirit as a whole and not an individual part. It is a system of healing by stimulating the body's inherent healing power to restore normal health through the help of Panch Mahabhootas, viz., Akash (sky), Vayu (air), Agni (fire), Neeru (water) and Bhoomi (earth).

Now a days due to globalization, global warming is going high. Because of fast growing of cities, due to many reasons deforestation is going on, that results in decrementation of quanitity of rain year-by-year. Hence the problem of pure and quality drinking water is a big issue. Day-by-day agriculture in coming down. It leads to scarcity of food. Everyday all type of pollution is increasing. All these factors consolidatedly bringing down the health of human being.

Our Society's "Smt Parwati Basavaraj Bhooplapur Naturopathy and Yoga centre" treates everyone natrually and traditionally. I heartly welcome all people who are facing health issues, to solve them naturally with our well experienced doctors, therapists and staff.

---------------- Mr. Appayya S. Badakundri


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